Welcome to ProjectPhilanX! The first ever DAO to provide 6% stable coin reflections on four superb blockchains!

ProjectPhilanX provides a platform for people to donate to a variety of vetted charities and creates an opportunity for those with philanthropic dreams to create their own Philanthopic Projects.
A DAO with Community, Charities and Philanthropic Projects at its forefront.

Staking and NFTs are just a bonus!

Join our Telegram or Discord and become a part of the PhilanX community, today!


Our mission here at ProjectPhilanX is to provide people with a platform that has the tools, community and network to truly make philanthropic changes on this Earth, but to reward the community of philanthropists at the same time.
If you wish to build a village, help those who are homeless, pay for a family member's surgery or help animals in need. ProjectPhilanX, provides just the platform for that and more!

Donate to vetted charities and philanthropic projects throughout the Earth or take it a step further and present your own Philanthropic Project to the community as an Author! A community of like-minded individuals with one itention. To create postive change wherever it is needed.

ProjectPhilanX has been developed with 6% stable coin reflections in mind to reward those holding $PHILANX.

However, we do not stop there.


Receive 6% stale coin reflections from every buy and sell! ProjectPhilanX aims to build a thriving community focused on giving and receiving. Every buy and sell focuses on giving and as you hold, you are receiving.

Charities and Philanthropic Projects that receive $WPHILANX donations will receive on-the-go funding through the 6% stable coin reflections, for as long as the charity or philanhropic project unwraps and holds $PHILANX. Providing support for as long as it is needed.

We aim to provide stablecoin reflections on each of the four blockchains.

Starting with 6% BUSD reflections on the BSC Blockchain.


Stake $PHILANX or BNB/PHILANX LP Tokens and choose to receive your staking rewards as $PHILANX or $WPHILANX!


50% FIXED APY for native $PHILANX


1% Staking fee
15% Early withdrawal fee

Minimum Staked Days: 3 Days

Philanthropic Projects

Do you have a Philanthropic idea in mind and aiming to make it a project, but need assistance with funding, tools and community?

Then become an Author at PhilanX!

Authors will have access to their very own portal, where they can submit Philanthropic Project proposals to the bookkeepers for review. If it is granted approval, it will be presented to the community for a specified amount of time to receive donations for funding!


Here at ProjectPhilanX, we aim to help as many charities as we can.

Wrap your $PHILANX to $WPHILANX and donate it to a charity of your choosing. All donations go straight to the charity to be unwrapped to $PHILANX.

The charity shall recieve continious funding through the 6% stable coin reflections for as long as the $PHILANX is held. When it is sold, 6% is shared with the PhilanX community.

Are you a Charity and wish to be listed on ProjectPhilanX? Get in touch with us, by sending an email to: philanx@protonmail.com


ProjectPhilanX provides NFTs on all four blockchains with unique utilities! Every NFT drop strictly focuses on utilities in ProjectPhilanX and giving to the community.

There are currently three NFT drops that are in the works on BSC:

NFT Drop #1:
Receive a portion of PhilanX everyday.

NFT Drop #2:
NFTs that can be staked to receive BNB from the treasury for a specified period of time.

NFT Drop #3:
Only pay 6% BUSD Reflections TAX for every Buy and sell!


More partnerships to come!


Total Supply: 8.333 Trillion

Treasury: 6.6 Trillion
Public Sale: 200 Billion
Burn: 300 Billion
Giveaways: 200 Billion

See Whitepaper for more.


Total Buy Tax: 13%

BUSD Reflections: 6%
Marketing: 1%
LP: 2%
Treasury: 2%
Dev/Team: 2%

Total Sell Tax: 15%

BUSD Reflections: 6%
Marketing: 2%
LP: 3%
Treasury: 2%
Dev/Team: 2%

ProjectPhilanX Presale!

8th DECEMBER 2022

ProjectPhilanX has partnered with, PinkSale to provide a seamless user-friendly presale and launch on one of the biggest decentralised launchpads!

This is a presale you do not want to miss!


ProjectPhilanX, connected on four superb blockchains. Starting with Binance Smart Chain then Avalanche, Ethereum and Fantom.

So no matter the blockchain, anyone can be a part of ProjectPhilanX, and its vision to provide a helping hand whenever and wherever needed.




Private Sale


Launch on BSC

Charity and Staking DAPP

NFTs Batch #1



Authors and Philanthropic Projects

Launch on AVAx

NFTs Batch #2



Launch on ETH

Launch on FTM

NFTs Batch #3